Sonada Fancy Luggage Cover Large 78*61cm(79-95L)

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SonadaSKU: BT99507-L

Dhs. 59 Dhs. 129


Luggage Protector-
Keep ur luggage away from scratched, stained, messy or ruined, luggage accessories suit for L/M/S''. For wheeled suitcase, hard sided luggage, Hard case Trolley.

Full of stretch and high elasticity, ensures your suitcase stays shut during the trip.

Designed to fit trolleys up to 78-61CM inches in size, this protector is stretchable and washable, making it a must-have.

Ensure your suitcase stays shut during the trip
Make your suitcase instantly recognizable during travel
Dress up your suitcase in fancy cover
protect your suitcase against dirt and scarth

L - 78*61cm(79-95L)
M - 71*51cm(48-78L)
C - 61*42cm(30-48L)


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